Tuesday, February 17, 2009


Ladies and Gents fret not on what to do this weekend as Topstitch and F.U.E.L gallery is hosting our very first Heart to Heart fashion show. Unless your a square and have other plans we'll most likely see you there. Located at F.U.E.L -349 Arch Street


For any inquires please feel free to contact Topstitch Boutique
311 Market Street

Monday, February 9, 2009

Poochie POWER

I strangely enough found these after a discussion with my boyfriend about dying our dogs coats! This was totally his idea, he has a dog with white fur that sheds like no other, white fur everywhere. My dogs have black and brown fur and I hardly ever see their hair all over my clothes! Well after seeing these pooches I didn't feel so bad about the thought of dyeing the dogs but can you imagine the effects of these dogs shedding on your furniture? They obviously must have personal groomers...

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

CHOP Topstitch's Heart

Quiet a mouthful wouldn't you say? Well let's get a little more into detail. Ladies and Gents you're going to have to mark-off Friday. February 20th as a day for style, art, and charity. Boutiques such as Topstitch, Lost & Found and Vagabond will be showcasing a fashion show of this season's styles.Designers and representatives from these boutiques featured in the show will also be on hand for discussion and sales of emerging new spring trends.

Philadelphia regional artists, members of Space 1026, and the Padlocks are all scheduled to unveil new and original artwork at the event, which will hang for the duration of February. All artwork will be available for sale with partial proceeds benefiting the Children's Hospital of Philadelphia.

All pieces in the fashion show will be for sale with proceeds going towards the Children's Hospital of Philadelphia. Additional accessories and one of a kind pieces will be raffled off through out the night for charity.Pre paid tickets for $20 or $30 day of, for Heart to Heart go on sale Friday, Feb 13th at the 2nd year Anniversary party of Topstitch located at 311 Market. For more information please contact Linda Smyth via Topstitch or Here.

FUEL GALLERY: 249 Arch St, Philadelphia, PA

Save your wardrobe

So now that the holiday season is over.. thank GOD. Why don't your refresh your budget with some personal Rescue Vintage pieces that start at a measly 14 USD. You can thank our ever vigilant vintage hound Linda for these great finds which were just recently brought back to life at Topstitch. Dig through our bind of ready-to-wear jewelry before it gets melted awayyyyy.

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