Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Topstitch LOVES Tavi

I came into work today dripping from the monsoon outside but luckily Tina brought out the sunshine by introducing me to TAVI, our new leisure time obsession. Not only does this kid trump any other 12 year old, but most "adults" as well. Parents and future offspring carriers please be advised to let your child's imagination flow because if one is lucky enough you'll spawn a kid just ask charming, innovative, and better then the others.
(Click images below if you dare)

Tuesday, October 21, 2008


The wonderful editorial named ROUGE featured a candid interview with co-owner and entrepreneur Julie Waring, and in the absence of Linda Smyth, her dog, Lee Loo. Conjured up 2 years ago, Topstitch, is known to be one of the many highlights of the Old City, Philadelphia shopping district. People come from far and near to see what the local creative divas have been cooking up for your loved one's next special something... For more on this interview and ROUGE magazine click the image below:

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Petite Anglaise

Some randomly amazing person. Who we don't know at all, decided to start blogggin about her daily happenings in and around the fashion and entertainment industry. Follow her misfits deeds and trials with love on www.petiteanglaise.typepad.com. Oh and let's not forget the candid interviews with Chester French, ?uestlove, Linda Symth and many more industry movers and shakers.

It's black, it's white, it's MONA

Much ado with Linda Smyth. Not only is she one of the owners of Topstitch. co-owner of Rabbid Fox, and all around inspiration, she's a do-gooder as well. Teaming up with PSPCA's DogHaus and 19 other artist, Linda Smyth along with 6 other fabulous designers that work as a team called MONA transformed one of the many rooms into a decadent bungalow fit for any human counterparts. This is the first project for the new interior design all stars on the block of American street in north Philadelphia. The whole room came together in many different ways, the idea was to put a jekkel/hyde twist on a victorian inspired billiard room.

Show starts October 11th to November 9th
Edgcumbe House, 8860 Norwood Ave
215.426.6304 ext. 227
Admission: $25

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

The Darkness and Scallions

Artist Abigail Bruley and Keith Warren Grieman have brought the skills and technique of true artisans to those searching for the new and now. Topstitch hosted this duo for this month's First Friday, a decision their likely not to regret.

PIECE: Sasquatch
PRICE: 200

PIECE:Mr. Brown's First Onion Flight
PRICE: 100


Keep your head and hips warm this upcoming fall with delectable pieces. Warning with so many colors and options they tend to get addicting.

Enjoy loves

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