Wednesday, October 15, 2008

It's black, it's white, it's MONA

Much ado with Linda Smyth. Not only is she one of the owners of Topstitch. co-owner of Rabbid Fox, and all around inspiration, she's a do-gooder as well. Teaming up with PSPCA's DogHaus and 19 other artist, Linda Smyth along with 6 other fabulous designers that work as a team called MONA transformed one of the many rooms into a decadent bungalow fit for any human counterparts. This is the first project for the new interior design all stars on the block of American street in north Philadelphia. The whole room came together in many different ways, the idea was to put a jekkel/hyde twist on a victorian inspired billiard room.

Show starts October 11th to November 9th
Edgcumbe House, 8860 Norwood Ave
215.426.6304 ext. 227
Admission: $25

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